Welcome to BSI's Introduction Video on how to enroll with BioSig-ID

New Password Enrollment

How to Enroll  http://www.biosig-id.com/videos/ht-enroll-30/   

This short tutorial will guide you through the entire enrollment process.  The first time you are sent to BioSig-ID, you will be asked to create 2 passwords.  To begin, you will need to decide how you will enroll your password, or what input device you are going to use. You can choose between the mouse, stylus, touchpad or touchscreen. For this example, we will choose the mouse.

Pay attention to the right side of your screen, as there will be instructions and guides to help you along the way.  When explicit instructions are given, you will need to verify you understand by clicking "OK". For example, these instructions tell us to create a 4 character password. These characters can be anything you wish, including, but not limited to, letters and numbers.

 When you are ready, click and drag to create your password. Remember to relax and use a natural, fluid motion for best results.  You will need to recreate your password twice more to accurately measure your biorhythms.

After your third and final successful attempt at creating your password, you will be asked to create a backup password with Click-ID. This second password will be used in case you forget, or are having trouble creating your BioSig-ID password, so please make this password something you will not forget.

 Click anywhere on the Click-ID keyboard to create your password. We recommend 4 character password. Once you are ready, click next.   Just as with BioSig-ID, you will need to duplicate your Click-ID password twice more.  After your third and final successful attempt at creating your password, you will be asked to validate using your BioSig-ID password.  Just as before, draw your password in the space provided and when done, click the "Validate" button.   Congratulations! You have successfully create a BioSig-ID profile. 

Thank you for watching this Biometric Signature ID support video. Please feel free to view any of our other videos.

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