Welcome to the BSI video on How-To-Reset a BioSig-ID Password

Auto Password Reset using an email token


At times, a user might find it useful to reset their BioSig-ID password. Perhaps they have forgotten it, found it too strong and too tedious to recreate frequently, or maybe they felt they were overseen and their old password is no longer secure.  For these reasons, and the ones we cannot think of, we allow to a user to reset their password using their Click-ID password they created during enrollment.

After failing to recreate the BioSig-ID password 3 times, they are prompted to enter their Click-ID password. They simply click on their password and click validate.  Once validated the user is now allowed to "re-enroll" their BioSig-ID password. Just like the initial enrollment, the password has to be drawn three times in order to accurately record the user’s biorhythms.  After the password has been created, the user needs to validate the new password.


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